texts from my mom



still haven’t heard from you


I wish you would call me

it’s been a VERY hard year for me

so much sadness

Hello my little girl

yeah, what about me?

You don’t understand how hard it is to be the middle man between my kid and my girlfriend

but you are my child and I love you

You’re stupid

You’re selfish

ya know, I shoulda smacked you myself

I would’ve enjoyed it

shut up

you have no right talking to your mother that way

you need to learn how to let go of the past and


My therapist thinks the same thing

she agrees that you have been a terrible daughter

Love u

You chose your mama over me so she can deal with you now

Love u

I am your mother

You better send me your tax info so I can claim my tax credit on you

I need the money

I am your mother

Fuck you

I know who you are

we aren’t so different, you know

hi baby girl

So so proud of you

told the whole office how proud I am of all the things you’re doing

Oh you’re some big shot living in NYC now?

Well I’ll be damned.

Don’t forget I know where you came from,

How you were just a sick little girl and I took care of you.

Glad your mama is stepping up now, I’m done being a parent.

It’s MY time to have FUN

She was the one who wanted kids,

I was never good at commitment.

I gave you everything

I am your mother

Don’t forget that!

I support you in all your endeavors

that’s my beautiful girl, so much love in your soul.

I don’t like you at all

Gotta tell ya

I hate you.

I’m an adult, you don’t get to tell me what I spend my money on,

I can get high all I want

sure helps dealing with you


You’re my little girl.

You’re a bitch.

I am still your mother.

Love you




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